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Navigating the New World: Five Ideas to Get You Ahead in 2013

The research profession is in the middle of a revolution and few are sitting still. Everything is questioned, companies are experimenting with new technologies and the role of consumer insights is being redefined right before our eyes. In this webinar, we present five key ideas on how you can succeed in 2013, while bringing clarity to the challenges and opportunities that researchers face.

These ideas are backed by two industry trend studies – Cambiar’s 2012 Future of Research and Cambiar Employer Brand – comprehensive surveys conducted among research professionals on the client and agency side.

We’ll also talk about how MarketSight was used to analyze and illustrate the findings within these studies. MarketSight helps thousands of researchers across the globe streamline their analysis process, create interactive charts and dashboards and share results with colleagues and clients online. We'd like to help you too!

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